FAQ: How to Prepare for Graphic Installation

In our industry, we realize time is of the essence, and consequently, we are often working with tight deadlines. To provide our customers with timely graphic solutions, we must allow the appropriate time to print the graphics and schedule a suitable installer. When our team is adequately informed about the installation location, we can better abide by our customers’ schedules and install graphics in an effective and timely manner.

Here are a few general questions we need answered before installation: 

  • Are there existing graphics that need to be removed? If so, please remove them before we arrive, OR let us know that we need to do it. This could affect pricing details, the tools we bring and more.
  • Can you send us a picture of the location? Sending a picture of the location answers a lot of the questions we may have.
  • Are there any limitations to accessing the installation space? Limitations include anything that obstructs access to the location, such as bushes, furniture, awnings, equipment, limited times we can be there, etc. For instance, we may need to bring a ladder or lift if the space is obstructed in any way.
  • Are other projects or renovations occurring during the installation? If there are other things going on that may block access to where we will be installing, such as other contractors, please let us know. If the installation space is crowded, and we cannot get to where we need to be, we may have to reschedule the install.
  • How long will the graphics be up? The length of time you expect the use the graphics impacts the installation process, and sometimes even the materials we will use. Please let us know if you plan on the graphics holding up for a few days, a few months or even several years.
  • How much is the installation space exposed to the elements? Elements such as direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, humidity, proximity to heating/AC units and more may affect the application process and even cause a delay in the install.

Now let’s get specific: 

  • Plastic or Glass (mostly vinyl graphics): If we’re installing graphics on plastic or glassall surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned before we arrive and any dried matter, such as tape or glue, needs to be removed with a single-edge razor blade. (If we are removing the old graphics, we will clean the side of the glass we are applying to when we arrive.)
  • Walls: Prior to wall installation, we need the details listed below:
    • Interior or exterior?
    • What material are the walls? (Dry wall? Brick? Stucco? Wood paneling? Tile? etc.)
    • Are the walls being painted? If so, it needs to be at LEAST 3 weeks prior to install.
    • What are the walls finished with? Certain materials do not adhere to certain finishes, such as glossy paints, oil-based paints or textured surfaces.
    • Are the walls clean? Surfaces need to be cleaned with a household cleaner, such as Fantastic or 409. Please wipe the area clean and dry with a lint free cloth before we arrive.
  • Vehicles: Please wash, but do NOT wax, the vehicle before installation.
  • Floor Graphics: Like wall installation, when installing floor graphics, we also need details about the surface the graphics are being installed on.
    • Interior or exterior?
    • What material is the floor? (Tile? Laminate? Carpet? Concrete? etc.)
    • Is the floor clean and clear? The surface needs to be clean, smooth, dry and free of furniture and other obstructions. Please remove all the soil and the grit, including oil and grease. It is vital to clean not only the area the graphic will be applied to, but also at least 8 to 10 inches around that area.

In most cases, there are even more details needed to properly plan graphic installation, but these may vary depending on materials, location, etc. Please let our team know the details related to your specific order in advance, and we will be happy to help and do all that we can to provide a streamlined installation process.

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