FAQ: How do I properly prep my images for large format printing?


At ALGX, many of our customers utilize our design capabilities for their projects, but we also know many others have their own design resources and like their projects to go straight to our Print Department.

For those that prefer to go this route, it’s important to remember that a great percentage of work needs to be done on the front end to create print-ready files for large format color printing. In order for work to be produced in the most efficient process, we request that you follow the basic file standards below.

Here’s how you can properly prep your images for large format printing:

  • Files should be received as individual files, not combined
  • File formats excepted are ai, eps, pdf, and tiff

– These formats are the best way to ensure that the design comes through correctly and that fonts don’t change or reflow. If we receive an editable file, there’s no guarantee that the design has come through as it was intended, and we wouldn’t know, since we hadn’t seen the design before then.

  • Files should arrive flattened and TRUE to size

-For larger/grand format printing, ½ size is acceptable – please note on order

  • Files should contain no crops/bleeds

-Bleed is when the image goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming, so the image goes right off the edge of the page; the area to be trimmed off. At ALGX, this is not needed.

Please Note: Standard level of printing: If the documents provided DO NOT meet the criteria as written above, and ALGX performs the print-ready functions, file prep charges will be added to the order. ALGX performs the Standard Level of printing on all orders unless noted differently on the work order. Any specialty needs such as framing options, material options, laminating, single/double sided etc. will need to be noted on the print request.

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